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My friend has a 2011 toyota avalon and his doors lock but will not unlock. Neither the key fob or regular door locks work. You can hear the relay clicking when you press the unlock button but nothing else happens. The only way he can unlock the door is by using the key. Anybody have any ideas what the problem is? Video tutorial discussing symptoms of power door locks on Toyota is not working right and how to check for easy fixes and replace a door lock actuator if nec.

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If your key fob doesn't unlock the doors, but the button on your doors does, you have the easiest problem. In short, your key fob has a dead battery. This is pretty easy to fix: Grasp both long sides of the key fob. Your fingers shouldn't be on the back nor covering the front buttons. Squeeze and the key fob's back should pop off. I have a 2011 Toyota Avalon which has developed over the past year an issue with the doors locks not working properly. The Key Fob will only open the driver's door at times and the only way.

2011 LE Avalon door unlock does not work, Driver side operates ok. Front Passenger and both back doors will not unlock when unlocking all doors. With all doors locked, if I try to unlock doors from the passenger handle or driver side panel, the drivers side will unlock, others will not unlock. I disconnected Recently ran into an issue with the front passenger door lock. Due to the programming of the key fob, any door that I approach with smart key in hand should open when I touch the sensor on the back of the door handle. All of the other doors will unlock but the front passenger door will not.

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173 Answers SOURCE: 2006 Toyota Corolla. The driver's door won't work with remote. the actuator might have been disconnected from the lock, its attached inside the door, with a metal rod that clips into the actuator, check it out, might be a easy fix, good luck and god bless, please rate me! Posted on Mar 12, 2010 Helpful 0 Not Helpful Flag 2011 Avalon has problems with electronic door locks. Currently the key only unlocks the drivers door. Even inside using Ask an Expert Car Questions Toyota Repairs Ted Ritter, Toyota Master Tech 5,494 Satisfied Customers Toyota Master Tech, ASE Certified Ted Ritter is online now Related Toyota Questions

A door lock actuator is basically a reversible motor (or a solenoid on some vehicles) with gears that operate the door lock. The concept of a door lock actuator works great—until it doesn't. When the actuator fails (or starts to fail), you'll likely notice one or more symptoms that make your daily commute less pleasant. Toyota Avalon Won't Lock Usually when the Avalon won't lock, the cause of concern lies in a fob being left in the vehicle, or the doors not being closed all the way. However, if this is not the case, it may be caused by a dead key fob battery, worn-out door lock actuator, or blown fuse.

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Make sure all the doors are shut and that your shift lever is set to "Park." Put the key in the ignition, and turn it so it is set to "On." Once you are in the "On" position, and before 5 seconds has passed, push down the door lock switch on the driver's side, keeping it down for 5 seconds. DIY BRI SHOWS YOU HOW to repair a door lock actuator without a complete replacement! This low cost method works great and can be done on many cars.. Diy Bri shows you how to repair your door.

Top 2011 Toyota Avalon Problems Rear Window Sunshade Fails and Makes Grinding Noise 222 people have reported this 71 Replace EVAP Canister to Correct EVAP System Problems 83 people have reported this 31 Brake Master Cylinder May Need Replacing at 125,000 Miles 18 people have reported this 7 Massive Oil Leak and Loss of Oil Pressure The dealer (Lugoff Toyota in Lugoff, North Carolina) diagnosed the vehicle with door lock actuator failure. the manufacturer was notified of the failures. the vehicle was repaired by the owner the first two times. the vehicle had not been repaired a third time. the approximate failure mileage was 65,000.

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Power door locks function intermittently. One of the first symptoms of a possible problem with the door lock relay are door locks that function intermittently. If the door lock relay has any internal or wiring issues, it can cause the door locks to function intermittently. The door locks may function correctly one moment, and in the next will. 2011 Toyota Avalon Massive Oil Leak and Loss of Oil Pressure The VVT-i oil line is known to burst. This is a very large leak which covers the ground, engine, and undercarriage. If the oil line ruptures while driving, the low engine oil message and engine oil pressure warnings will illuminate.