Pop Up Campers For Honda Elements And Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

Raising the Roof: Honda Element ECamper For Sale: One-Bedroom Bungalow. Ocean View. Off-Roaders Welcome. View Gallery 10 Photos Related Video Lazelle Jones writers Jul 17, 2009 Good ideas don't. The ECamper™ conversion adds a pop-top sleeper for two onto any Honda Element® The innovative design combines carbon-fiber material and the latest in composites manufacturing technology to minimize weight and to allow a streamlined profile which adds only 6" to the overall height of the vehicle. 1 Item Sort By ECamper From $7,500.00 Show per page

5 MustSee Honda Element Campers (DIY and Conversion Kits)

The Honda Element is a compact crossover SUV that combines features of SUVs, cars, and pickup trucks to attract a target audience of active, outdoorsy people. It is a distinctive vehicle because it is both a rugged daily driver and an all-around adventure vehicle that can carry all your gear. The Honda Element is a popular choice for converting into a campervan because it offers several unique features that make it well-suited for such a conversion. Even though the Element was discontinued in 2011, it's still a highly desirable vehicle for camping excursions and other hobbies with outdoor enthusiasts. Some of these features include: Step 1: Buy a Honda Element The Ursa Minor ECamper on an Element I photo: Ursa Minor This step is really easy, in theory. In case you don't have a Honda Element, you can find one pretty easily online as Honda produced nearly 325,000 of them before it was discontinued. Details We can convert any Honda Element made! If the Element does not have a sunroof, an access way will be installed as part of the conversion. Details about each option are available here, but broadly the options include Cosmetic options, such as painting the top or complete camper to match or contracts the vehicle

Pop Up Campers For Honda Elements And Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

This 2008 Honda Element EX AWD goes a bit further than removing the rear seats and adding a mattress. On top of the Element is the Ursa Minor ECamper rooftop tent. It starts at $7,500 and is made. This is the Ultimate Over-landing Honda Element E-Camper. We are so lucky to get a full tour of this beautiful Honda Element It has everything you could ever. #1 · Sep 18, 2023 DH and I are considering having an Ecamper installed on our 2007 AWD Tangerine Orange Element. He's tall, and the platform we built a few years ago (based on a design I found here) doesn't quite do it for us when we're camping together. Does anyone have experience with the Ecamper conversion by Ursa Minor? Honda Element campers are among the most stylish and adaptable in the market, available for full-time living, touring, camping, and van life. Contents show Such vehicles are boxy, tough, and a lot of them have all-wheel drive. These vehicles offer lots of inside space for sleeping and are capable of traveling to almost any place!

Lifted Honda Element eCamper Off road Build With 30” BFG Tires

#1 · Sep 21, 2020 2004 4WD ECamper, with custom camper installation by Ursa Minor; includes wiring for solar charging system, lighting system for camper. California car for much of its life, always garaged, no rust issues and had rust prevention sealant installed upon move to Northeast. The ECamper is a pop-up tent conversion that sits atop the Element's roof and uses the rear sunroof as the entry point. www.thedarienplan.com Ursa Minor conversion of our Honda Element to have a camper unit on the roof. Shows how to put up and take down the camper unit Honda Element Micro Camper System A Home On The Road When You Want It Install or remove in minutes without modification to the Element. Fits every Element made and can be transferred from Element to Element Responsibly Handcrafted in Asheville, North Carolina Wood — FSC® Certified • North American Made Sealer — Eco-friendly • Non-toxic • APEO free

12 MustSee Honda Element Campers (DIY and Conversion Kits)

Honda Element camper conversions are some of the coolest and most versatile campers for full-time living, traveling, camping, and van life. They're boxy, they're rugged, and many of them are all-wheel-drive. These cars have plenty of interior space for sleeping and can go just about anywhere! 1099.99$ USD. Element Kit, Raw wood finish, Mattress (Now Standard 3 pieces) and cover included. 1299.99$ USD. Element Kit, Tinted wood finish, Mattress (Now Standard 3 pieces) and cover included. 1399.99$ USD. 37 Quarts Freeway Freezer refrigerator/freezer with premium Danfoss/Secop compressor, Click here (Add to Cart) 674.99$ USD.