Concrete Roof Tiles Verses Clay Tiles

One big difference between clay and concrete roof tiles is how they absorb water. Concrete tiles have a water absorption rate of about 10-15 percent. Clay tiles have a water absorption of about 5 percent. Concrete is a porous material that absorbs and stores water in it's pores. Concrete roofing tiles are made from a mixture of water, sand, iron oxide, and cement and then molded into the desired shape, placed in an oven where the temperature and humidity are controlled and sprayed with a sealer that forces excess moisture out of the tile making them waterproof.

A Quick Comparison of Concrete and Clay Tile Roofs

The Difference in Cost Between Concrete vs. Clay Tiles For all the reasons mentioned above it should come as no surprise that clay tiles can cost about 20% to 30% more than concrete tiles, with an average cost of clay tiles hoovering around $14.50 to $25.50 per square foot installed. Ludowici tile roof - Flat slab Georgian. Source: Concrete roof tiles can last for 30 to 50 years, making them stronger than most roofing systems. However, they are not as long-lasting as clay roof tiles which can last for up to a century. 6. Price. When it comes to pricing, concrete tiles are far less costly compared to clay tiles.

The Difference Between Clay and Concrete Roof Tiles The difference between clay and concrete roof tiles goes beyond the materials used to make them. Concrete tiles absorb more water, which means they are more prone to mold and mildew. Clay, on the other hand, has a low water absorption rate. Concrete tiles weigh almost 40 percent more than clay tiles. While concrete can weigh anywhere from 820 to 1,100 pounds per 100 square feet, clay only weighs about 600 to 650 pounds. Therefore, homes looking to use concrete tiles need to ensure that their roof is structurally able to handle the weight. 3.

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Installed concrete tile costs range from $400 to $900 per square foot for low-end tiles. Conversely, clay tiles start at $700 per square foot of installation. For high-end clay tiles, prepare to spend about $3,000 per square foot installed. ROOFCORP Eliminates Your Roofing Worries Since 1958, our experience within the roofing industry has evolved. Shingles are significantly less expensive than tile. Shingle roofs cost an average of $8,500-$24,500 for a 2,000-square-foot home, including labor and materials.*. This price can range as low as $5,000 or as high as $40,000, depending on your home size and other factors.

Concrete tiles are uniformly strong, while clay tiles are harder on the outside. Therefore, damaging the outer surface could expose the soft inner surface of clay tiles to deterioration. Despite being durable, both clay and concrete tiles are brittle. Therefore, they will crack or break under impact. Concrete roof tiles weigh more than clay roof tiles by about 40%. This is due to its higher density than clay. Clay tends to shrink during its curing process as they lessen its moisture. Concrete tends to shrink during the curing process creating more air pockets.

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Clay tiles have all of the same benefits that concrete roof tiles have. The inherent difference is that they weigh more than concrete roof tile, thus the need to ensure that your roof can support the weight. You may need to add support beams before beginning installation. Cost of Concrete vs Clay Roof Tiles. Clay is more expensive than concrete, mainly because it is a natural product that is more difficult to get. The average costs to install a tile roof is usually more than concrete. The low end runs around $25,000, with the high end being about $50,000.

See the difference between concrete and clay tiles as we test moisture absorption, breakage and see signs of color deterioration. Including different tile p. Clay tiles will cost anywhere from $6.00 to $14.50 per sq. ft. for materials. The rather wide material cost range reflects how premium a specific tile design can be. Other research shows that on average, clay tiles will cost anywhere from 10% to 30% more than concrete tiles.

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Concrete: Concrete tiles absorb a higher amount of water than clay, which can lead to mildew and heaviness, and hence strain on your roofing structure. The color technology used in concrete will fade over time from exposure to the elements. Clay: Clay tiles absorb far less water than concrete, resulting in less pressure on your roof and less. Concrete tile is extremely durable, resisting damage from fire, heat, hail and extremely high wind. The material is very low maintenance and energy efficient, too. Concrete roofing tiles are made by mixing portland cement, sand and water. The mixture is placed in molds to be cured until it reaches the necessary strength.