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If a patio door is difficult to operate, won't lock properly, or is loose or drafty, make adjustments to the roller, latch or strike to fix the issue. In thi. This simple DIY trick may solve your issues!

Patio Door Won T Lock When Closed The Door

Step 3 - Removing the Screws. Two screws on the end of the door secure the latch. Remove these two screws, and gently pull out the latch mechanism and its cartridge. If you live in a windy area, place a heavy object against the door or use tape to keep it from opening up after you've removed the lock. If your vinyl sliding patio door won't lock tight, you may need to adjust the rollers. Begin by o pening the door and flipping the lock to the unlocked position. Then a djust the roller at the bottom of the door by turning the adjustment screw clockwise to raise the door panel or counter clockwise to lower the door panel.

Step 4. Smear petroleum jelly on the lock itself, and close the door gently. Attempt to turn the lock. Open the door and check to see where the petroleum jelly has transferred to the latch on the door frame. If it isn't in alignment with the lock, that might be why the lock is not working. Determine how far out of alignment the lock is, and. The patio door won't lock or open. If the lock mechanism is difficult to operate you should lubricate all moving parts with a light machine oil such as 3 in 1 oil. hen operate the lock mechanism from locked to open position several times to work the machine oil into the mechanism. We recommend doing this periodically to keep your doors.

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The price to repair a uPVC door handle that won't lift up depends on what is causing your door handle problem, expect the price to cost from £65 if just an alignment issue. uPVC Door Adjustment & Alignment - To adjust a upvc door and fix your door handle not lifting up, the cost should be from £65 dependant on locksmiths labour charges. Ah yes :-[ they were more helpful suggestions than mine. Its only when I couldn't pull the handle up to lock our back door, I actually realised that the altough the door appeared closed, the trim wasn't allowing it to close properly, which in turn meant the door handle couldn't be pulled up to allow the door to lock.

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