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Here are 9 suggestions for repurposing your leftover granite, and transforming it into something cool and practical. 1. Make a granite cutting board It's no surprise that granite makes for excellent cutting board material. 1) Cutting board 2) Kitchen island 3) Granite coffee table 4) Stacked stone outdoor fountain 5) Granite cheese platter 6) Pet memorial stones 7) Granite Lazy Susan 8) Granite Coasters 9) Minimalist bookends 10) Stone Tea Light Candleholder References Can you reuse stone countertops in another room?

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What Are Granite Remnants? Granite remnants are pieces of stone that are leftover from previous granite projects. They have all the beauty and integrity of the original slab, but since they are smaller and not whole, they aren't large enough to be used for traditional-sized jobs. 1. Vanity or Fireplace Hearth If you have large slabs leftover, they work great as a sleek new bathroom vanity or even a fireplace hearth. If you don't have large enough pieces, you can still create these by using smaller pieces to create a mosaic effect. 2. Coasters and Bookends

Things to Craft Granite squares make ideal coasters, trivets, cheese servers or pastry boards -- for your home and as gifts for friends. If you have to cut the stone slabs or tiles to size, do so using a tile saw, score-and-snap tile cutter, or scoring tool and tile nippers, depending on the material's thickness. The answer is: anything you want. Countertops are often hauled away for your convenience and then reused in other building and manufacturing projects. But if you'd rather, you can commission your old counter slabs to be refinished into brand new pieces, upcycled into your home, sold, or even given away to friends.

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The resining process uses epoxy resins for granites and polyesters for marble. There are several methods that are used to apply and cure the resin, from hand-spray applications to automated lines. The slabs are first honed and dried, and then the resin is applied. The slabs are then cured in heated ovens, and after the resin is cured, the slabs. Here are some of the best things you can turn your leftover granite into: Wall Decorations Fire Pits Tables & Shelves Flooring & Outdoor Paths Cutting Boards & Trays Centerpieces Coasters Whiskey Stones Lamp Bases.and so much more! Recycle Them

Polycor's ultra-thin 1 cm slabs are natural stone - marble or granite - sliced down to 3/8" and reinforced with a proprietary composite backing.. No. In fact, both the natural marble and natural granite slabs have flexural strength 10x that of an unbacked 3 cm slab. Granite recycling companies repurpose the slabs by converting them into usable forms. They serve home projects that need specific sized pieces or individual colors in smaller quantities. Being able to buy just the right amount of granite required for a project is cost effective. Creating Complementary Home Decor Projects

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· Damaged: Countertops with medium to heavy amounts of cracking, chipping, or scratches could be considered old and outdated. Small cracks or scratches can be repaired, but not enough to warrant them being considered old if they can be easily fixed. · Worn Out: Countertops will fade over time from active use. Compact Hydrofinish WaterStone System for texturing all stone, marble and granite surface slabsFollow us:

Yes, it is possible to remove and reuse granite countertops. Depending on the age and condition of your granite countertop, it may be possible to simply move and reinstall the granite slab in your new space. Granite, Marble & Stone Repair Kit - Fix Chips & Defects in Minutes | Restore Tiles & Countertops with Ease | for Quartz Corian Marble or Stone | Flawless Results Every Time | Repair Up to 20 Chips . Visit the STOWSEN Store. 4.1 4.1 out of 5 stars 304 ratings | 62 answered questions .

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We procure remnant stone slab material products in a responsible manner and consolidate them by material, color, grade, and thickness in preparation for our clients to select for purchase.. Engineered Quartz Granite Limestone Marble Onyx Porcelain Quartzite Slate Soapstone Travertine. Houston Granite Remnants Reuse * Repurpose * Recycle West. Granite can be weaker and fragile or it can be harder and stronger. Obviously, you should go for one that is harder and stronger as it will be easier to handle and move without risking a lot of damage. You also should consider the thickness of the granite counter. It's better to remove a thicker slab than a thinner one.