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Single-floor house designs provide increased energy efficiency, maximized functionality, and artistic spaces at affordable prices. The one-story house is popular for its easy accessibility and space, which benefits both the aged and young people in the family. A house design single floor first gained popularity in the 1940s and you must have noticed they have recently regained their charm. From a small calm cottage style to a lavish estate, single level house plans are available in a wide range of designs. Living in a single-floor house design can benefit everyone from little children to the elderly.

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This beautiful single floor house with roof deck can be constructed in a lot having a total lot area of 111 square meters. Elevated in 3 steps a goo way to welcome guests is the covered porch, with the whole width of the house intended for sitout for relaxation while outside and standing by at the front. Single floor house designs are so much easier and more comfortable to maintain. This means you have to do less cleaning, fewer house chores, and the overall general maintenance (both internal and external) is low. Ease of Mobility These types of house plans have everything on a single level.

1. A house full of individuality. Helwig Haus und Raum Planungs GmbH Just look at the staggered levels here and the way the interior light plays with them! 2. Futuristic architecture. homify The roof meets the sky and creates such a contemporary aesthetic. Ad Algedra Interior Design (30) 100+ Private House Roofs Beautiful Design Ideas - Small Design Ideas Apartment House More Stories 7 Amazing And Useful Items That You Thought You Baby Didn't Need Them The nursery is halfway painted, mom's maternity leave has been planned out, and everything is falling into place for your baby to arrive. Even… loading.

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Mar 24, 2023 - Explore Ugo Nnunick's board "Modern single floor house design" on Pinterest. See more ideas about single floor house design, house front design, bungalow house design. Single floor house has a rooftop which can be used for many purposes. You can use the upper part as a Roof top Garden, a place to relax, or a clothesline. The modern house design single f loor above still carries a classic impression with wooden elements that still look natural on the front.

1. A-Frame Roof Design The A-Frame is very easy to identify. It's steep, pointed roof which extends all the way to the ground or close to the ground. The roof makes up much or all off the walls of the home. It's a very simple house roof design and is inexpensive because the roof serves as both roof and walls. 2. Bonnet Roof Design Single Floor New House Front Design is Low Maintenance. It can be challenging to maintain a home with a two-story exterior. A home design with only ground floor elevation gives easy access to the entire exterior of your home with a small ladder, making it easy for holiday decoration and home cleaning.. Multi-level homes can be a hindrance to DIY homeowners because of their tall walls.

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Roof Type: Flat Flat Roof Ideas All Filters (1) Style Size Color Number of stories Siding Material Siding Type House Color Roof Type (1) Roof Material Roof Color Building Type Refine by: Budget Sort by: Popular Today 1 - 20 of 48,506 photos Roof Type: Flat Modern Contemporary Concrete Farmhouse Gray Gable Green 3 2 Stucco Save Photo The total living area of this simple house design is 100 SQM floor area and with a minimum lot requirement of 8 by 12.50 meters. This house plan is composed of three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, and a kitchen and dining area. The master's bedroom has its terrace for homeowners to spend time outside as an escape from the world!

This structure combines flat, gable, triangle, and semi-circle roofing designs creating a unique beauty. It is further elevated by placing lighting and a combination of colors. 14. Terrace House Roof Design: If you are looking for a way to incorporate modern roofing into your terrace, this house roof style can be a perfect choice. Surely the biggest advantage that comes with flat-roof design plans is the cost. As a flat roof requires much less material than, say, a pitched one, the costs involved also drop. That means that a flat roof can be a very affordable way to create a great look for your dream home, plus ensure it flaunts a modern and appealing look.

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Low budget houses are always in single floor house plans, we have best house collection in below and above 1000 square feet . If you have large plot size you can prefer big single storey house and you can make awesome single floor luxurious house design in it. Simple single floor house design ideas | leading one level homes BEAUTIFUL HOUSES one storey two storey small cabin panoramic large L-Shaped modular wooden stone concrete frame metal slope house STYLES minimalistic chalet white style Black & White cubic loft flat barnhouse rustic japanese EXTERIOR color lightning brick stone wood metal glass panels entrance INTERIOR kitchen bathroom ceiling stairs WINDOW facade