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Tilt uses unique downtube geometry and welding processes to ensure you're getting the best balance of weight and strength. The Theory 3 Deck is center weighted in all sizes for better control in whip and bar combo tricks. Riders who love this deck swear by an improved trick selection, and you can be next. Specifications The Formula Deck is lightweight and well balanced for whichever trick you throw next. Specifications Material: 6061-T6 AluminumHeadtube: 83° angleFender: Welded fixedDropouts: WeldedBottom: Cut 7.0 x 23.5"Weight: 4.56lbFoot space: 17.13" Compatibility Headset: 1-⅛" IntegratedWheels: 24 x 110mm - 30 x 120mmBearings: 608Axle: M8 x 54.0mm.

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Tilt Theory 3 Selects Pro Scooter Deck Description Step up your grind game with the Stage I deck by Tilt WIth hot looks and killer tech, you get everything you could dream of with the purchase of one these sweet Stage I pro scooter decks. Super clean design combined with subtle Tilt logo graphics. Formula Deck - Selects Will Judy 6.5 x 22.8 $230.00. Formula Deck - Black 7.0 x 23.5 $230.00. Formula Deck - Selects Red $230.00

The Stage I Deck covers you with the benefits of the welded dropouts, the versatility of a flex fender, and the Tilt quality that you're used to. With great wheel compatibility, you won't be stuck on one wheel size, and the dropouts and front caps prevent caving to make sure you'll have a long lasting deck no matter how many 5-0's you throw at it. Internal fluting keeps the weight down, so you. Tilt Scooters Founded in 2009 in Michigan, USA, Tilt Scooters makes a wide range of scooter parts and components. Tilt's scooter bars, headsets and scooter decks have gained a reputation for their durability and quality of build. Tilt started out by just making scooter pegs but the brand now has an extensive product range of scooter components.

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As with every Tilt build, high-quality Tilt hardware throughout makes sure you have a long-lasting setup while good compatibility ensures you can customize to your liking over time. Specifications Weight: 9.6lb Overall Height: 39.1" Grips: Topo Two Handlebar Size: 23.0 x 27.5" (W x H) Handlebar Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum Compression: Stage I SCS TILT Scooters is one of the leading companies in the scooter industry. We specialize in making quality scooter components. Log in · Create account. Shop +-. Formula Deck - Selects Will Judy 6.5 x 22.8 $230.00. Formula Deck - Black 7.0 x 23.5 $230.00. Fixed Fender Kit $10.00. Passage Build $375.00.

Tilt Decks Home Scooter Parts See more"Close Cart" Wheels See more"Close Cart" 100mm 110mm 115mm 120mm 12 Standard Decks See more"Close Cart" Ethic Decks Tilt Decks Envy Decks Prey Decks Wise Decks North Decks Madd Gear Decks Proto NEX/DEX Native Decks TSI Decks Root Industries Decks Fuzion Decks Lucky Decks Aztek Decks Grips See more"Close Cart" Tilt Theory 3 Pro Scooter Deck $279.95 $199.95 Deck length: 22" (55.9cm), 21" (53.3cm), 23" (58.4cm), 20" (50.8cm) (19) CORE SL1 Pro Scooter Deck $133.95 Deck length: 19.5" (49.5cm) (6) Tilt Method Pro Scooter Deck $279.95 Deck length: 22.2" (56.4cm) -5% District Mythos Pro Scooter Deck $167.95 $159.95 Deck length: 22.84" (58cm) (2) -11%

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The long awaited Tilt Theory 3 deck is finally here and it is incredible. Available in 5" wide, 5.5" wide & 6" wide versions. This deck is the perfect deck for anyone riding skatepark and/or street scootering terrains. If you're looking for arguably the best pro scooter deck today, grab yours today at Scooter Zone! Since 2011, we have been the premier online pro scooter retailer for the USA. We sell only the best top pro scooter brands such as Envy, Tilt, Proto, AO, Aztek, Ethic, Madd Gear, Root.

The Theorem Complete is designed for the dedicated rider. Scooters are built off the deck, and this setup features a simplified version of Tilt's innovative Theory Deck. Features include soft Metra grips, medium grit griptape, oversized aluminum handlebars, a flex fender, and custom Tilt hardware throughout. Check out scooter decks for your pro scooter as well as other brands like Envy, Tilt, River, Proto, Root Industries, Ethic, Trynyty, Prime, North, Aztek, Lucky Scooters, Native, UrbanArtt, Fasen, UrbanArtt, S1, Drone, Chubby, Prey, Trynyty, Vital, Hella Grip, Friendly, Affinity, Madd Gear, Oath, Triad, Fuzion, and more here at Scooter Zone! Home

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Tilt Theorem Build Pro Scooter $399.95 Total height: 99.3cm (1) Striker Gravis Pro Scooter $239.95 Total height: 89.5cm (29) -2% Slamm Mischief V6 Pro Scooter $179.95 $175.95 Total height: 83cm (29) Longway Summit Pro Scooter $174.95 Total height: 84.5cm (745) -14% Versatyl Bloody Mary V2 Pro Scooter $179.95 $154.95 Total height: 83.5cm (139) -29% The new Tilt stage 1 decks now come in a variety of size for any type of riding. It features welded dropouts, flex fender and the reliable quality provided to you by Tilt scooters. It also ffeatures internal fluting technology to keep th deck light and strong. No reviews for this product yet FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $99 CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS